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From: Wayne L Foss (
Date: Fri Feb 05 1999 - 16:04:03 EET

Metal Cast has done four Rapid Tooling jobs for us and we were quite
pleased with their performance.

One was a fairly intricate plastic part with tight tolerances. They made an
aluminum tool and shot the plastic parts at all of the correct parameters
to produce a "production" ready part. The mold was made from an SLA master
and the first engineering sample was not very "crisp" at the edges and
corners. They cleaned up the mold and produced very good quality parts. All
of this was done in around 10 working days and at a cost around 25% of
traditional tooling. Keep in mind that this tool did not have ejector pins
and minimal cooling. They were very helpful and eager to work with us.

One other part was plastic and the remaining two were aluminum die
castings. The details of these parts were fairly simple with no special
requirements. They provided us with good looking parts at a reasonable cost
and quick turnaround.

Rockwell Collins

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