A015:Future of CAD

From: Steven Pollack (themissinglink@eznetinc.com)
Date: Wed Feb 24 1999 - 17:04:59 EET

As we take this class in 3D solid modeling using FormZ, I am awed by the
multitude of tools and tool modifiers. I had a thought this morning that I
wanted to share. I was thinking about how one develops skills and expertise
with tools only after a lifetime of use. It is one thing to cover each tool
in a class and complete a few projects but proficiency only comes after
multiple use and deadline stress. But as I applied this to CAD, I realized
that within five years, the tools will probably have changed drastically.

I can easily see the day when we will be modeling in real time using
holograms. Maybe you would have a pick tool for resizing a segment or face,
something like a palm pilot pencil to grab an edge. Maybe we would have voice
activated tool changing. Computer:COPY,FACE,MOVE and then drag the newly
created copy somewhere else in the model. Computer:SOLID RENDER, BRICK, RED.

This is not so far fetched and may already be in the works. So how proficient
can one become with tools which are rapidly evolving? Maybe the new tools
will require the same knowledge of wire form, mesh, and boolean operations and
we are only talking about enhanced interface. Obviously the future is
uncertain and I am wanting to learn the current technology, as proved by
taking this class. But as the tools for goldsmiths are stable over long
periods of time, save for rapid manufacturing, and a goldsmith can become ever
more proficient as he/she ages, I wonder about the proficiency of a CAD

Steve Pollack

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