RE: A015:Future of CAD

From: Spielman, Roger L (
Date: Wed Feb 24 1999 - 23:08:55 EET

Good Afternoon Micheal....

What your looking for may already be available (in a basic form). While
playing with Imageware, there is an interactive edit function that allows
the operator to pick any point on the model and drag it to a new position.
You can identify a single point or a "neighborhood" and shape the model as
you want. The larger amount of polygons associated with the model, the
better the surface.

Maybe we are overlooking a very useful tool

Roger Spielman

        Micheal Rees wrote:

> I would like to see Digital clay. This is very promising, people are
> working on it. What I mean is this: Whatever I do in the CAD program
> manifests itself directly and immediately in the physical model.
> Whatever I do to the physical model manifests itself directly in the
> cad. Claymation to the extreme. This way, one has the best of both
> worlds, the kinesthetic and the optical.

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