Rapid Chocolate and Fast-Food

From: Christian LAVIGNE (lavigne@toile-metisse.org)
Date: Fri Feb 26 1999 - 06:45:48 EET

As you all know [I hope so :)] INTERSCULPT is the world wide event for
computer sculpture, which take place every 2 years since 1993, both in
France and USA. This Year we will have too contributions from GB and
(see: http://www.toile-metisse.org/intersculpt/ ) the next is scheduled
in October (some members of this RP-list are involved in it, like
Michael Rees, Ian Gibson...)

During IS'95, in Paris, we have decided to use blocks of chocolate in a
3-axes milling machine. Alexandre Vitkine, infosculptor, designed a kind
of "Babel Tower"; Christophe Berthelot, a "Maître-Chocolatier" realized
a few blocks of chocolate; and we used a Charlyrobot milling machine.

We experimented that it is absolutely necessary to have the chocolate
very cold! Moreover, it is recommended to let the machine's hood closed.
Except if people are naked and want to lick up the chocolate on each
others. To mill chocolate produce a lot of fine shavings. Believe me, it
was faster to built the sculpture than to clean up the machine. We own
no more this "ziggurath" somewhere in a refrigerator, because the TV
journalist who have reported this event have decided to eat the

We are greedy and we are thinking to repeat this with a RP machine: what
device may accept chocolate powder?

About food and RP, I think that McDonald's could open our eyes on an
other side of the topic. Inside a McDo we can find a laser cut stuff
made from various powders and resins; but what is the process for the
"bread"? There is some small bugs on the surface, and the body seems to
be a "quick-cast". I'm sure that Rapid-Food machines are coming!

Bon appétit!

 Christian LAVIGNE
Président de Toile Métisse
Secrétaire Général d'Ars Mathématica
Co-fondateur d'INTERSCULPT
écrivain & artiste multimedia
robosculpture & télésculpture
conseil technologique
création de sites web
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