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This one got stucked... it's that 'Help' word again! Sorry about that!
Well any way, here it is.

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TCT 99 is the answer.

Please see provisional timetable at www.time-compression.com This event
also has an exhibition featuring over 70 companies in the field an is hel=
October 12-13th 1999. Last year there were 300 paying delegates plus
attendees to the exhibition making it by some considerable margin the
largest event of its kind in Europe. We would like to consider ourselves =
almost being a European equivalent of the RP&M show in Rosemont (although=

we are not affiliated with the SME) and have aslightly more commercial
focus than the RP&M. =

This event has been established for four years and has two streams -
appllications and technical sessions. (The technical sessions are organis=
and coordinated by Professor Phil Dickens, who founded the Nottingham
University Technical Conference) and is now at De Montford University.

Drop me a line and I will send you some details.

Other European Events that I know about (serious conferences rather than
exhibitions with some sort of 'Free Seminars' are the Nottingham Universi=
RP Conference. Now run by Ian Campbell and held at the beginning of July
(5-6th July?). This is prmarily a research vent and has a great reputatio=

u-rapid is run by Fraunhofer Institute in Germany and their first event w=
held in London UK at the beginning of this month. This was a most enjoyab=
event although I am not yet sure where they will be taking it next year
(geographically and in terms of how it will be positioned). I am sure you=

could get further information from Ulrich Clemens at Fraunhofer - I belie=
he hangs out on this list...

Best wishes.

Mark Littlewood

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