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From: Brent Hickel (
Date: Wed Jul 07 1999 - 17:30:03 EEST

Like most everyone else, you've discovered that no single scanning system
and software tool can do it all. One new tool (Spec.Check) became available
in January from CGI . It pulls dimensions from point
cloud data. It's still a beta version, but we find it quite useful for
inspections and reverse engineering. Any point cloud data be it from a CGI,
optical or laser system can be interogated.

Brent Hickel
First Article Corporation

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Date: Tuesday, July 06, 1999 5:00 PM
Subject: Scanners

>Hello, rp folks.
>I am in the process of finding a scanning/digitizing system for reverse
>engineering, art to part work and, primarily, first article inspection. I
>have looked at Digibotics, Hyperscan, and Kreon. I have also considered
>but don't really want to destroy parts in case I only have one, etc. etc.
>I may be getting ahead of technology here and may be looking for something
>that does not yet exist. All of the systems I have looked at generate a
>point cloud from which actual dimensions cannot be garnered except by
>overlaying geometry, which may/may not be accurate. How do you argue with a
>vendor about his dimensions if you manipulated the geometry? Again, I may
>making too much of this and so am seeking advice.
>Another concern I have is the time required to both scan the parts and
>process the information in a second program such as Imageware. This could
>become a big bottle neck when FAI'ing a large product with 30-50 parts.
>I have heard of a product called Athos but have not been able to find
>anything about on the web or elsewhere. Do any of you folks have knowledge
>about this company or any other advice you could pass on?
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