Re: 3D Lightyear Graphics cards

Date: Fri Aug 06 1999 - 00:49:45 EEST

We have been using Lightyear beta3 . I Have installed it on my SGI NT320
workstation it works great. I have 2 CPU's in my system. The software is not
configured to take advantage of multiple CPU's. So don't spend the extra
money unless your running ProE or something else on the same workstation. We
also installed it on a Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop with ATI rage graphics that
also works very well. We also installed on a NetPower NT system with a
Permidia 2 graphics card. The Netpower is a little shaky but I don't think
the problem has anything to do with the Lightyear. We have at least 256mb ram
on all our machines. the SGI works best with 1gb ram but boy is that
expensive. We have NFS on all our machines though we don't use it much
anymore. I did transfer some jobs (STL files only) from our old maestro
running on an old Indigo II and had no problems.
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering

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<< To: List
      I am going to be getting 3D Lightyear soon and I am interested in
      finding out what hardware you folks are using.
      I have the minimum specs from 3D, and a list of graphics cards that
      they have tried, but I want to know the latest.
      Does it work better on NT Server or Workstation?
      Do you need Multiprocessors?
      How much ram does it really need?
      Has anyone networked it to an NFS Unix environment?
      Thanks in advance,
      Larry Blasch
      Design Engineer >>

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