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From: James Sanders (jas@rpmsolutions.com.au)
Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 02:14:23 EEST


What is most annoying about all the spam on this mailing list is that all
of you out there keep on replying to the crap and filling peoples mail box
with a heap more.

Why don't all of you who insist on replying and telling us how you think the
list should be run just delete the messages without reading them. Then
maybe we could get back to Rapid prototyping .....

Pleasantly p****d off
James Sanders
Operations Manager

RPM Solutions Australia PTY LTD
116 Frederick Street
Welland, South Australia 5007

ph. 61 8 8340 8344
fax. 61 8 8340 8277
Toll Free. 1800 RPM NOW

email jsanders@rpmsolutions.com.au
www www.rpmsolutions.com.au


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