RE: "Fabbers"

From: Spielman, Roger L (
Date: Wed Sep 08 1999 - 18:46:46 EEST

Marshall wrote:

> I thought I was eliminating this problem when I contracted the
> word to "fabbers," because I had never heard anyone call themselves a
> fabber
> before. But now when I give speeches on this great computer peripheral
> called the fabber, invariably someone will come up afterwards and
> introduce
> himself as "a fabber." Sigh.
Hey Marshall.....Although I have been a "fabricator" for over 30 years, I
have never referred to myself as a "fabber". Sometimes I call myself a
"fabricator", but usually just a "blacksmith"....However, I have been
referred to by management as a "robot", "Mr. automatic", "Lab Rat" and even
a "sub-professional".

My good buddy Mike Miller up north at Boeing Commercial and myself kinda
like the term "Rapid-Fab". With the aggressive schedules and wonderful
people we deal with (I mean that in the kindest sense...really), we thought
it would be a kick to answer the phone "Rabid-Fab" ;-)

Roger Spielman

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