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Date: Fri Sep 10 1999 - 02:59:08 EEST


InterPRO uses the 3D Systems ThermoJet along with SLA for providing RP services to our clients.  We are also a distributor for this system - so we both use it and sell it to others who want to do their own RP in house.  We've had our system since May, and have installed several ThermoJet systems at client locations.  It is GREAT, and it the closest thing to an HP DeskJet printer that you can imagine - only bigger, and printing real parts.  It uses a proven printhead that was developed for printing with ink.  Applications:  visualization, communication, patterns for rubber molding, for investment casting and rapid tooling.  We've done lots of patterns for investment casting with the system - the patterns burn out the same as foundry wax.  Cost:  $49,995.  No operator or training needed, period.  It has a tremendous graphics interface that makes setting up builds fast and very easy.  Totally office friendly.  No dust or liquids.  It builds very fast, has EXCELLENT quality (1.6 thou layers), and just runs and runs and runs.  As you can probably see, I really love this machine and am very glad to share that.  I'd be glad to forward you additional information if you send me a reply.

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