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From: Deak, Steve (
Date: Fri Sep 24 1999 - 19:53:58 EEST

I have to agree, 3D Lightyear is a neat, tidy interface. I guess you also
remember typing 250-character, cryptic slice strings to prepare parts. In
this respect, Lightyear is a HUGE benefit in time savings and setup
consistency. Even over Maestro (and we still have a machine running it),
this is a huge jump in simplicity.
Lightyear is very easy to use, you setup a build style for a machine and
that is it. Very intuitive and graphical. I especially like using one
interface, where I can select build styles, recoat, and edit supports right
from the build platform screen.
Rah, Rah!
The flip side is the loss of full-editing capabilities of the resin files
for the advanced user. Most users could care less about this issue....and
perhaps rightly so. However, for US$800,000, I'd like to fly the plane, too
(not just ride where I'm told)! I want everything I used to have in Maestro
along with Lightyear.
Still coloring outside the lines and, yes, throwing tantrums, too.

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