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Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 13:43:46 EEST


A new breed of 3D reverse modeler is born. And that is RapidForm.

Using RapidForm, you can,
1. Point cloud processing and Polygonization
    Point cloud data from scanners can be imported and treated.
    Thus treated point cloud can be polygonized.
2. Registration & Merging
    Multiple data sets from scanners can be re-aligned(Registration) and merged into one data set.
    Algorithm for registration and merge is fast and accurate
3. Polygon healing and improvement
    Smoothing, Rem-meshing, and sub division are provided for qualified polygon optimization.
    For cleaning data, users can use fix bad normals, remove crossing faces, and remove non
    Also, RapidForm's unique Decimation technique can reduce the number of polygons dramatically,
    while preserving the original shape.
4. NURBS curve and surfaces generation, both trimmed and un trimmed.
    In RapidForm, you can also generate NURBS curve and surface on the polygon mesh.
    RapidForm's surface fitting technique enable you to generate both trimmed and un trimmed surfaces.
    Users can choose both technique to generate qualified surfaces easily. In the definition of each
    patch, users can either automatically generate feature curves or define it manually.
5. Various measurement and analysis
    In addition to above mentioned functionalities, users can measure various geometrical properties of
    the model and analyze the data.

As you've noticed above, users can complete reverse engineering work in an integrated environment in RapidForm, from point cloud processing to NURBS surface generation.

However, NURBS surface generation is in beta testing stage.
Users interested in surface quality of RapidForm can send their data to
Surfaces will be generated by INUS Technology and sent to you.

Anyone can freely visit and download evaluation copy.

The cost for the full package will be less than $15,000.

Visit and and enjoy it.


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