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Well put Dan, in fact I will get in line and put up the second dollar to
hear this "STORY" from Albert!

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> > For almost three years we have been tight lipped about our
> > legal problems with Aaroflex. But early this year a Federal Judge
> > decided in our favor that Aaroflex return our down payments (United
> > States District Court for the Western District of Michigan, Docket No.
> > 1:97CV473). We had to fight them for two years while they threw every
> > legal roadblock in our way. Needless to say, our legal fees where huge.
> > To say the loss of a substantial downpayment and the legal fees hurt us
> > is an understatement. We had settled out of court and Al Young reneged
> > on that. Now he is ignoring a federal court ruling. We are not the
> only
> > ones that have lost downpayments on a machine. When Al Young came out
> > with his Thanksgiving message about how thankful he was, it was a real
> > stab in the back to us that have struggled with this loss.
> >
> > By the way, the Aaroflex and Aarotec companies are shells. Our money
> has
> > disappeared into a black hole.
> I was personally saddened to hear of this situation. Growing a business
> and
> making it prosper is hard enough. Dealing with companies like this
> affects
> too many businesses and it creates hardships for the owners, employees and
> their families. Imagine being a small business owner with tens of
> thousands
> of your own dollars in limbo for years while paying to do legal battle in
> the
> courts. How painful would it be to win in court but go ahead and accept
> an
> out-of-court settlement only to have that agreement ignored? And imagine
> how
> you would feel when you see that person posting his thoughts on the value
> of
> Thanksgiving to the world.
> Based on what I've seen here on the RP-ML, I'm sorry to say that the next
> posting from Albert Young will probably be his wishing everyone a Merry
> Christmas and prosperous new year.
> Once again Albert, WHERE'S THE BEEF?! Here's your chance to step up and
> explain to the world how you can (according to this posting) ignore a
> Federal
> Judge's decision and continue to hold onto other companies' downpayments.
> I'd gladly pay to hear your justification -- I'll contribute the first
> dollar
> to a fund for the companies that you and your firm appear to have had such
> a
> significant negative impact on.
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