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Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 22:56:20 EET

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> On Wed, 1 Dec 1999 wrote:
> > I think that bringing this out in the open alerts everyone and does a
> > service to the RP community. Much like the child molester laws where
they have
> > to register with the city so people know to watch out for them. Does
> > have to find out for themselves who the reputable dealers are? I would
> > pretty upset with the RP-ML if my business was in need of a machine and
> > knew the machine or the company wasn't reputable and didn't say
anything. Why
> > shouldn't we talk to one another as good neighbors and let everyone know
> > there maybe a problem?
> Great, good idea, now that purpose has been achieved. Anybody who
> searches this list archive for information about Aaroflex will get an
> eyeful.
> > I think most of us would like to know how a business operates before we
buy? If
> > there's an honest answer, or a just answer for this fiasco I'd like to
hear it.
> Oh, come on. You can't seriously believe that the guy is going to
> make any substantive statement about pending legal actions on a public
> forum, can you? Surely asking him to do so serves no purpose but that
> of venting.
> I agree that Young's irrelevant holiday-related posts are irritating
> and ill-suited to the list. If one feels that something must be done
> about them, constructive approaches might include mail filters and
> asking our venerable list admin about content-based moderation.
> Meanwhile, can you guys please get back to inventing a 3-D printing
> system for me, or starting a service bureau if you've already invented
> one? Just a reminder, this is my list:
> * material well suited to investment casting
> * any supports must come off cleanly
> * surface at least as good as a good sand cast
> * little gross warpage: 1/8" in a 4" part might be acceptable, but no more
> * part cost not above 150% of ZCorp's pricing
> I.e. I'd happily pay more than I do to have no warping and good casts,
> but I can't pay all that much more, and I don't need milspec precision
> or shiny surfaces. Well, let me know if you make any progress.
> Thanks,
> -Sheba
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