LightYear software

From: Stacie Van Dorin (
Date: Thu Dec 16 1999 - 02:21:06 EET

I have been building with 3D Systems Lightyear software for a while now and
one major process difference between this software and the old
Partman/Maestro software is the scan order of the vector. In the past, if
you had multiple parts in a build, the SLA's would draw one entire part then
move to the next part on the same layer. With the Lightyear software the
SLA's draws the boarder vectors for all the parts first, then the hatch
vectors for all the parts, then the fill vectors. Has any one else noticed
this and if so, are you experiencing any problems with the new scanning order?
Stacie L. Van Dorin
Manager, Rapid Prototype Engineering

Solid Concepts
28231 Ave. Crocker
Valencia, CA 91355

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