Stl and IGES Technical Info

From: Jonathan Chertok (
Date: Tue Dec 21 1999 - 00:04:21 EET

Can anyone supply me with technical data that a "programmer" would need in
order to discern whether a 3D graphic file (unknown type of file at this
point) could be converted to Stl or IGES file format appropriate for a
Stereolithography machine to read?

Also is there a list of file formats that I can reasonably expect to convert
to Stl or IGES using third party software? I am embarking on a project in 3D
graphics and am hoping to find out up front what might be the "cleanest" and
easiest file format to start with (assuming I cannot initially get Stl or
IGES) in order to output these files at a rapid prototyping service bureau.
I assume DXF would be the easiest, but where do I go in heirarchy from

Thanks for your help,

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