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Hello All:

Please note that the information provided by Ricardo is wrong as far as the number of machines in Brazil. There are a lot more machines than you have indicated. As a matter of fact, I can think of one building in the jewlery district that has three machines alone. Colen industrial in San paolo is the distributor and he will be happy to build  samples for potential customers for their own evaluation. His details are on our website at We understand that your negativity towards the envisionTEC product is driven by your bias as an owner of solidscape machines. We believe that both machines have their own nitche in the jewelry market, and each customer must make his decision based on the evaluation of both technologies.



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Hi Tom, I run a couple of solid-scapes. There is one envisiontec here in Brazil also. They are completely different animals. My customers don't like the perfactory. Some of them tried it and gave up. I have run test parts for people used to the perfactory, they didn't like the result. But the first is more often than the second. I, of course, prefer the solid-scape and think it delivers better parts and is better factory wise. It's matterial burns perfectly and I had parts casted in metal-age foundries. It's only flaw is material resistance, but it's manageable. It's unbeatable in pavès, on the other hand. If it's for your own use, hire services from both and make up you own opinion. That's the safest route. Ricardo Date:Mon, 4 Feb 2008 14:29:12 +0330 From: To:> > dear RPer, > we want to enter to the jewel design and manufacturing. we want to > use suitable RP machine for jewelry industry. which is better? > EnvisionTec perfactory or Solidscape T66 ? which has better > surface quality corresponding demand on jewelry industry? > regards > tom

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