[rp-ml] Laser on the Sinterstation 2000

From: Mohammad Rahbari <mmoghara_at_uwo.ca>
Date: Wed Feb 06 2008 - 16:17:55 EET

Dear All,


We have a PhD student in our research group working on the Sinterstation
2000 SLS system by 3D. The unit is no longer serviced by the company and
recently the Laser on the unit no longer turns on during the builds. I was
wondering if anyone on the list has some experience with Laser problems on
this unit, and may have any suggestions on how to correct the problem.
Currently we are not getting any error messages or warnings. We start the
build normally and we get to the build stage, and the machine continues to
add layers of powder but the laser does not turn on to sinter the material.
When we check the status tab it shows that the Laser is Off however we do
not know why???


Any help would be appreciated. I can be contacted off the list if that would
make it easier.



Mohammad Rahbari,

University of Western Ontario
Thompson Engineering Building, Room 217
Tel: (519) 661-4243; Cell: (519) 495-9808
E-mail: mmoghara@uwo.ca

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