[rp-ml] retrofit desktop printers

From: Hauser, Carl <C.Hauser_at_liverpool.ac.uk>
Date: Wed Feb 13 2008 - 11:50:01 EET

Dear List,
Has anyone successfully retrofitted a desktop printer (Epson, Lexmark, HP etc) with build height capabilities ? (for the sake of argument lets ignore the addition of powder dispensing technology). The mechanical system is not my major concern (although perhaps someone might suggest otherwise) but more the control side, particular the supplied software and drivers of said chosen printer. I would like to use a multi cartridge printer for dispensing more that one type of ink/binder and one of my concerns is with the way in which the printer chooses which cartridges to dispense ink from. I initially thought I could control this by the use of different colours within images to be printed, but in reality the solution appears far from trivial. I think I may need the likes of HP, Epson etc to help out with printer software source code.
I would be interested to know anyone's thoughts and experiences on this topic.
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