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I am not sure who you contacted but would suggest you contact the following of our customers:

University of Texas El Paso, Ryan Wicker 915 747 7099

Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Radovan Kovacevich , 214 768 4865

Mittuniversitetet, Sweden, Mats Tinnsten, 0046 63 165330

Texas A&M University, Qatar, Michael Davis, 00974 492 7599

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Good Afternoon:

I am working with Terry Wohlers of Wohlers Associates to include an important section in Wohlers Report 2008, a worldwide study on the developments and trends in additive fabrication (AF). The section, titled College and University Education and Research, provides a summary of activities from institutions around the world. I am seeking input from educational and research institutions that are involved with AF.

Please submit a brief (60-80 word) summary outlining your primary research or educational focus and any noteworthy or recent advancements, announcements, or breakthroughs at your institution. The comments should be related to AF. The following are two example summaries from Wohlers Report 2007.

University of Louisville: The Rapid Prototyping Center is an industrial/academic consortium that has been assisting industry since 1993. A major area of research is direct digital manufacturing through selective laser sintering, including process and equipment optimization. Other areas of focus are high-temperature material system development, and direct metal deposition for high thermal conductivity tooling, tooling reconfiguration and repair, and new material development. The Center operates three LS machines, a POM DMD 3000, and an SL machine. Contact: Tim Gornet

Drexel University: Research on additive fabrication and computer-aided tissue engineering integrates computer-aided tissue biomodeling, scaffold informatics modeling and biomimetic design, and freeform fabrication in tissue engineering. Proprietary technology includes a multi-nozzle polymer deposition system and a precision extruding deposition system for additive fabrication of biopolymer- and bioceramic-based tissue scaffolds, cell-embedded tissue precursors, 3D microfluidic tissue chambers, and cell and organ printing. Contact: Wei Sun

Would you please provide a summary on your institution's work by February 14. I would appreciate it very much. Let me know if anything is unclear.

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