Re: [rp-ml] STL File #9

From: Todd Pederzani <>
Date: Fri Mar 14 2008 - 19:32:12 EET wrote:
> We had the guys over at <>
Captain Hastbacka, aren't you one of the guys over at Faceto3D? Or the guy?

I think it would be interesting to see your files, have you thought
about using a model repository instead of soliciting off-list replies?
Google's 3D Warehouse might fit the bill (or it may be be SketchUp
only). Back in the day, Viewpoint used to have 3D model repository,
but that seems to be gone now. Even a service like yousendit would be a
more convenient method of distribution for potential users. (But a
torrent of it might be even nicer, and would give you some idea of who
is downloading each one.)

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