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Hi Folks:
Here are some new items and features of the Worldwide Guide to Rapid
Prototyping web-site:

* The RPML (Rapid Prototyping Mailing List) archive was recently updated and
achieved an interesting milestone. With this update, the length of the
archive if printed now exceeds 25,000 pages. That’s a lot of talk about additive
fabrication, much of it useful!. The last seven+ years of postings are
still available in easy-to-download chunks from this page:

* Two additional useful free downloads have appeared on the site recently.
We've compiled a 117 page sampler of material appearing in the Additive
Fabrication Spy (TM) Newsletter over the last couple of years. The material
included was chosen to give some idea of the breadth of the technologies and how
they're finding their way into real-life applications. In addition, a new
white paper is available:
“Patents as Key Information Sources for Competitive Intelligence and
Business Strategy”
This article tells you how to make your company’s business strategy mesh
with its IP strategy. While some emphasis is placed on additive fabrication,
the lessons apply to almost any maturing industry. Both articles can be
downloaded from the Additive Fabrication Spy sign-up page located here:

* Highlights of the latest edition of The Additive Fabrication Spy (TM)
newsletter are also now available.
More than 230 additive fabrication patent documents were published during
the last quarter, bringing our US RP Patent Database to nearly 5,500 documents.
 Read about these new developments:
  -- Additive techniques to repair large items such as ship hulls and
-- Fossil-like fabrication of nano-scale to micro-scale structures.
-- Combining additive technologies to make pressure sensors.
-- Drag reduction for aircraft using easy-to-remove fasteners.
-- A hearing aid whose shell is the battery that powers it.
-- Conformal cooling applied to motors for hybrid vehicles.
-- Tiny jet engines for MMD power generation or even to fly manned aircraft.
-- Lost-candy procedures (yes, candy) to produce replicas of internal organs.
-- Customized contour bedding and patient support devices to prevent bed
sores and ulcers.
-- Correcting vision by stereolithography.
-- Plastic surgery procedures that use additive fabrication to define body
-- Models of baby-bottoms to evaluate the fit and function of diapers.
To read about these and other developments, click on the blue *ADDITIVE
FABRICATION SPY* button on our home page or the PATENTS icon at the top of any
page. Find your way there directly using this link
* Keep up with important developments in the RP industry using the INDUSTRY
NEWS section of our site. What appears is only what’s new and what matters.
Use the button on our front page or go directly there using this link:

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