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Date: Wed Apr 09 2008 - 03:28:48 EEST

The vaporware is a big problem if you have budgeted for equipment a year
in advance and then have to forfeit the capital because the equipment is
not available for purchase. Or in some cases it makes people put off
their purchases while they wait for all the promised products to appear.

What about the betaware products that were released long before the
development cycle was complete. Being really late to market hopefully
means that they are fixing the problems before release. Releasing a
product to market that isn't ready seems much worse to me. I wonder how
many on the list have purchased products that required their expertise
and ingenuity to work the bugs out. I know a few.

In either case it is very annoying. If anyone on the list has a story to
tell about vaporware or betaware that would be great. It could serve as
a warning to others and be a bit of market feedback for the offending
companies. The problem I see is that some of the worst offending
companies have lots of attorneys.

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It appears that the RP business is offering more vaporware than we can


1. V-Flash from 3D Systems is nine to ten months late

2. The Desktop Factory is more than a year late.

Are there other hardware or software items that we have missed.


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