AW: [rp-ml] QuickParts online quoting (patent 7305367)

From: Andrea Reinhardt <>
Date: Sun Apr 20 2008 - 20:07:26 EEST

>From my point patent of view will not survive when ever its shown, that this
element was already existing before...
-what ever is the background of quickparts spending money on this-

At Materialise website you can read they claim to do it since 1997?
and no doubt a lot of other companies are doing it...

I remember even EC funded projects for online quoting for RM/RP and share
the orders with supplier networks a.s.o.

Have a nice time and see you all at coming RM conference in Slovenia for details :-)
Best regards

Quoting Kevin Adams <>:

> Notice on their patent abstract, they satae "online or offline".
> While I am not sure of anyone doing this online earlier than 2000,
> it seems pretty obviuos that the steps they outline are pretty much
> what most service bureaus have always done offline.
> Seems that with enough money and persistance anything can be
> pushed through the USPTO. Back in the early 1980s the "combover" was
> patented, though the assignees have never tried to enforce it.
> I believe I ran across an online system prior to Quickparts, but
> just cant recall who it was. Anyone with a better memory than me
> recall anything???
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