Re: [rp-ml] QuickParts online quoting (patent 7305367)

From: Jason Dickman <>
Date: Mon Apr 21 2008 - 23:54:01 EEST

  To clarify...
  Ron Barranco owns and other websites. is an online broker that uses instant online quoting and sells RP parts produced at other service bureaus that own and operate the equipment.
  STLquote was written and owned by Ron's son Ron James (RJ) Barranco.
  Four years ago APP purchased the STLquote company and owns 100% of the intellectual property - including the source code. Per the purchase agreement is allowed to use the STLquote engine - with restrictions.
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Todd Pederzani <> wrote:
  Kevin Adams wrote: I believe I ran across an online system prior to Quickparts, but just cant recall who it was. Anyone with a better memory than me recall anything???
Are you thinking of STLQuote? They're the only "canned" system that I know of. STLQuote was owned by Formability, which is (was?) one of a series of companies that Ron (James) Barranco is behind, which includes,,,,,, and The earliest correspondence I have tor STLQuote is April 2002, and May 2002 is the earliest copy of the website that maintains. Of course, APP owns STLQuote now, and if they're concerned about the QuickParts patent, it probably isn't in their best interest to reply in public.

If it wasn't STLQuote, do you remember anything about it that may help track it down?

I hadn't heard of the "combover" patent, but I have heard about a patent for exercising your cat: 5443036 (although how the cat can see invisible light eludes me.) The patent you're referring to is 4022227, if you want to look it up!

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