Re: [rp-ml] Fwd: Casting of UV Curable resins in Clear RTV

From: Todd Pederzani <>
Date: Fri Apr 25 2008 - 16:02:51 EEST wrote:
> We made a few experiments with casting parts by using a UV Curable
> SOMOS resin in a mold made of Reynolds Sorta Clear silicone. The
> process appears to work reasonably well when we use sunlight to
> provide the UV energy.
> This may sound like an expensive way to make a casting, but it has
> several advantages if you are trying to reconstruct a master pattern
> from a mold.
> We were wondering if anyone on the list has tried a similar process?
I've heard of people using first article polyurethane castings as second
generation master patterns, what advantage does UV curable resin have
over polyurethanes? There's a substantial price difference in favor of
using polyurethane... What are some of the advantages you considered?

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