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 The big advantage was that we had a large quantity of resin to dispose of.? So, we could put it in a vat on the roof and end up with a big blck of cured epoxy, or we could make good use of it.? In this case, the economics were clearly in favor of using it for casting useful parts.




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  We made a few experiments with
casting parts by using a UV Curable SOMOS resin in a mold made of
Reynolds Sorta Clear silicone.? The process appears to work reasonably
well when we use sunlight to provide the UV energy.


This may sound like an expensive way to make a casting, but it has
several advantages if you are trying to reconstruct a master pattern
from a mold.


We were wondering if anyone on the list has tried a similar process?

I've heard of people using first article polyurethane castings as
second generation master patterns, what advantage does UV curable resin
have over polyurethanes?? There's a substantial price difference in
favor of using polyurethane... What are some of the advantages you

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