[rp-ml] SLA viper DSP card

From: JC Wang <jocewang.tw_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed May 14 2008 - 08:26:31 EEST

Dear all,
I am the user of 3D Systems' SLA Viper Si2. This system was bought in 2001
and is out of maintain. Just few days ago, the build station cannot start
and shown "DSP load failed va!=0xAAAAAAAA
I think it might because the DSP card failed. The DSP card in this SLA Viper
is FRU 600-90027 using TI TMS320C31POL40 from SPECTRUM. Is there any
possibility for me to buy a second hand card? Or, do anyone has this
machine and not working because of the laser, who can sell me the computer
I also have been told that there is a company who do maintaining service
rather than 3D Systems. Is there anyone who can provide me the company
information so I can make contact with?

JC Wang
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