Re: [rp-ml] zcorp 3202

From: Charles Overy <>
Date: Wed May 14 2008 - 18:38:12 EEST


Code Definition
1000 Unknown head error
1001 Can't turn on head 5 + 12 V
1002 ROM read failed for head %d
1003 I2C read failed for head %d
1004 Head %d fire voltage failed
1005 Head %d temperature too low
1006 Head %d temperature too high
1007 Head %d current too high
1008 Head cover is open
1009 Head %d fire voltage stuck
1010 Invalid head temperature
1011 Out of binder
1100 SYSTEM: out of memory in thread %d
1101 SYSTEM: can't log ETS events
1200 THREAD %d: can't create events
1201 THREAD %d: can't initialize window system
1202 THREAD %d: can't make window
1203 THREAD %d: can't begin
1204 THREAD %d: can't set priority
1205 THREAD %d: illegal state
1206 THREAD %d: refuses to stop
1207 THREAD %d: refuses to die
1300 QUEUE: out of memory
1301 QUEUE: can't create event
1302 QUEUE: received null pointer
1400 KEYBOARD: can't add callback
1401 KEYBOARD: can't create pipe
1402 KEYBOARD: error writing pipe
1403 KEYBOARD: error reading pipe
1404 KEYBOARD: already owned
1500 KEYMAP: duplicate key %d
1501 KEYMAP: bad key index %d
1600 COM%d is not a valid port
1601 COM%d: queue is too small
1602 COM%d: ETS monitor is using port
1603 COM%d: port already in use
1604 COM%d: can't create event
1605 COM%d: can't create thread
1606 COM%d: can't set priority
1607 COM%d: bad interrupt number
1608 COM%d: IRQ already in use
1609 COM%d: can't save interrupt vector
1610 COM%d: can't set interrupt vector
1611 COM%d: UART isn't 16550 compatible
1612 COM%d: input queue overrun
1613 COM%d: UART not found
1614 COM%d: bad UART identifier
1615 COM%d: UART already in use
1616 COM%d: can't open port
1617 COM%d: can't get state
1618 COM%d: can't set state
1619 COM%d: can't set timeouts
1620 COM%d: can't set buffers
1700 STATUS: spurious read event
1701 STATUS: bad thread index %d
1702 STATUS: unknown system message %d
1703 STATUS: invalid state %d
1704 STATUS: unknown dispatch type %d
1705 STATUS: message queue overrun
1706 STATUS: can't save state
1707 STATUS: can't restore state
1708 STATUS: too many held layers
1800 PACKETS: layer is too big
1801 PACKETS: invalid upgrade file
1802 PACKETS: network init failed
1900 LAYERS: spurious read event
1901 LAYERS: zlib InflateInit error %d
1902 LAYERS: zlib Inflate error %d
1903 LAYERS: zlib InflateEnd error %d
1904 LAYERS: missing layer info packet
1905 LAYERS: layer is too big, %dK bytes
2000 STRIPES: spurious read event
2001 STRIPES: bad saturation
2002 STRIPES: too many lines per stripe
2003 STRIPES: line is too long
2004 STRIPES: bad print mode %d
2005 STRIPES: bad line offset
2006 STRIPES: bad pipeline message
2100 UNRLE: bad layer number
2101 UNRLE: bad print mode %d
2200 BMOCO: LM629 does not respond
2201 BMOCO: can't reset motor %d
2300 MOVER: bad axis
2301 MOVER: axis %d destination out of range
2302 MOVER: axis %d move intersects no-fly zone
2303 MOVER: axis %d excessive position error
2304 MOVER: axis %d timed out completing move
2305 MOVER: axis %d didn't settle
2306 MOVER: axis %d can't change acceleration
2307 MOVER: axis %d can't set filter
2308 MOVER: axis %d excessive speed
2308 MOVER: axis %d safety handler not installed
2400 REZERO: axis %d can't find end of travel
2401 REZERO: axis %d already over sensor
2402 REZERO: axis %d timed out looking for sensor
2403 REZERO: axis %d couldn't find sensor
2500 SHAKER: can't read layer info
2501 SHAKER: bad layer number
2600 HEAD: bad ROM format
2700 DRAWSPAN: bad bit number
2701 DRAWSPAN: bad print mode
2800 TIGERCOM%d: serial write timeout
2801 TIGERCOM%d: serial read timeout
2900 TIGER: bad head index
3000 SEQUENCER: bad FIFO size, %d entries
3001 SEQUENCER: can't create event
3002 SEQUENCER: can't create thread
3003 SEQUENCER: can't set priority
3004 SEQUENCER: bad interrupt number
3005 SEQUENCER: can't save interrupt vector
3006 SEQUENCER: can't set interrupt vector
3007 SEQUENCER: not enough data
3008 SEQUENCER: overrun while waiting for HF
3009 SEQUENCER: stalled while waiting for HF
3010 SEQUENCER: sequence didn't finish, flags = %x
3011 SEQUENCER: error in DPC, flags = %x
3012 SEQUENCER: spurious interrupt, flags = %x
3013 SEQUENCER: timed out finishing swath, flags = %x
3100 PRINTER: spurious read event
3101 PRINTER: bad dispatch type %d
3102 PRINTER: unknown message %d
3103 PRINTER: message queue overrun
3104 PRINTER: need service call, error %d
3105 PRINTER: can't create event
3106 PRINTER: SendMessage deadlock
3200 MONITOR: can't create waitable timer
3201 MONITOR: can't set waitable timer
3202 MONITOR: thread took too long
3300 TIMER: unknown time unit
3400 SWITCHES: switch %d is undefined
3401 SWITCHES: object already exists
3402 SWITCHES: object not initialized
3500 KEYPAD: object already exists
3501 KEYPAD: can't create event
3502 KEYPAD: object not initialized
3503 KEYPAD: object has too many users
3600 BLINK: object already exists
3601 BLINK: object not initialized
3602 BLINK: object has too many users
3603 BLINK: undefined sequence
3700 LCD: object already exists
3701 LCD: object not initialized
3702 LCD: object has too many users
3800 LOWLEVEL: can't find PCI card
3801 LOWLEVEL: error opening FPGA file
3802 LOWLEVEL: invalid FPGA load
3803 LOWLEVEL: bad IRQ number
3900 SOCKETS: can't initialize WinSock interface
3901 SOCKETS: WinSock 1.1 not supported
4000 TCP: can't create event
4001 TCP: can't launch thread
4002 TCP: thread refuses to die
4003 TCP: error %d creating socket
4004 TCP: error %d setting socket option
4005 TCP: error %d binding socket
4006 TCP: error %d listening on socket
4007 TCP: error %d accepting socket
4008 TCP: error %d selecting socket
4009 TCP: error %d getting received byte count
4010 TCP: error %d receiving from socket
4011 TCP: error %d looking up host by name
4012 TCP: error %d connecting to host
4013 TCP: error %d sending to socket
4014 TCP: error %d setting non-blocking mode
4100 UDP: error %d creating socket
4101 UDP: error %d setting socket mode
4102 UDP: error %d setting socket option
4103 UDP: error %d binding socket
4104 UDP: error %d looking up host by name
4200 ZDNS: can't launch thread
4201 ZDNS: thread refuses to die
4300 NETWORK: can't find ethernet device
4301 NETWORK: can't get device configuration
4302 NETWORK: can't set device configuration
4400 BITBUS: object already exists
4401 BITBUS: object not initialized
4402 BITBUS: readback error
4500 FLUIDS: object already exists
4501 FLUIDS: object not initialized
4502 FLUIDS: unsupported pump rate
4503 FLUIDS: waste bottle full
4504 FLUIDS: lost pressure on pump %d
4600 CARWASH: object already exists
4601 CARWASH: object not initialized
4602 CARWASH: carwash is stuck
4603 CARWASH: can't finish squirt
4700 BINDER: weak pressure from pump %d
4701 BINDER: can't write plumbing state
4702 BINDER: invalid plumbing type %d
4800 MATERIALS: unknown combination
4900 STICKY: object already exists
4901 STICKY: object not initialized
4902 STICKY: too many keys
4903 STICKY: duplicate variable
5000 POWDER: no more build
5001 POWDER: no more feed
5002 POWDER: tray full
5100 ROLLER: speed calibration failed
5200 ALIGNMENT: can't update god variable
5300 PISTONS: build piston failed
5301 PISTONS: feed piston failed
40000 AUTOALIGN: object already exists
40001 AUTOALIGN: can't create thread
40004 AUTOALIGN: invalid arguments
40005 AUTOALIGN: can't update ini file
40006 AUTOALIGN: weak sensor reading
40007 AUTOALIGN: alignment of Axis %d failed
40008 AUTOALIGN: can't pick reference head
40010 AUTOALIGN: can't open alignment file
40100 ADC: object already exists
40101 ADC: timeout waiting for conversion
40102 ADC: fifo overflow
40103 ADC: reference voltage error: %dmv
40200 TI: object already exists
40201 TI: message queue overrun
40202 TI: Timeout waiting for spi bus
40203 TI: Timeout waiting for ready signal
40204 TI: Build piston driver overload
40205 TI: Feed piston driver overload
40206 TI: Piston timeout
40207 TI: 24v power supply failed
40208 TI: Roll driver overload
40300 ESPI: wrong mode selected
40301 ESPI: SPI Done timed out
40302 ESPI: Man Ready timed out
40400 FPGA: comm error on PCI card, flags = %x
40401 FPGA: framing error, loading byte %d to PCI card
40402 FPGA: load failed on PCI card, flags = %x
40403 FPGA: comm error on headcard, flags = %x
40404 FPGA: framing error, loading byte %d to headcard
40405 FPGA: load failed on headcard, flags = %x
40500 DACSPI: timed out
40600 CARWASH: Squirt Failed: %x
40700 TIGER: Can't disable monitor
40800 Head %d check failed
40801 Headcard power failed
40802 Head %d unsupported; must use HP11
40803 Headcard FPGA not responding
40804 Head %d too old
40900 TEMPCONTROL: object already exists
40901 TEMPCONTROL: Sensor error, %d degrees
40902 TEMPCONTROL: Target out of range, %d degrees
41000 HP11INTERFACE: communication timeout
41001 HP11INTERFACE: cmd/stat clock not available
41100 MONITOR: Invalid temp reading
41101 MONITOR: 12v out of tolerance
41102 MONITOR: 5v out of tolerance
41103 MONITOR: U15/U26 error
41200 BURNIN: object already exists
41201 BURNIN: object not initialized
41203 BURNIN: start job failed
41204 BURNIN: failed on layer %d
41205 BURNIN: end job failed
42000 LOWLEVEL: 24v power supply failed: %dmv
42001 LOWLEVEL: ATX 12v supply failed: %dmv
42002 LOWLEVEL: ATX 5v error; %d of J5,J6,J7 disconnected.
42003 LOWLEVEL: Cannot update TI code
43000 SEQUENCER: missed position, flags = %x
43100 CUSTOM: Upgrade failed
44000 PRINTER: Fast Axis cal failed
44100 PRINTER: Clean Fast Axis

Although I can't help with what Thread took too long means. The (0) or
(1) in some cases means an axis.



tom clovi wrote:
> Dear zcorp users,
> what is error 3202(0) ? it didn't mentioned in the troubleshooting.
> regards
> Tomas
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