Re: [rp-ml] Quick HELP / Open and Save a file in Magics

From: Kris Vloemans - Minimaal <>
Date: Thu Jun 26 2008 - 20:09:48 EEST

Dear Jonathan,

I can open and save as VRML. But since we're having a maintenance period on
the PC's I'm not sure if I can use the full memory to load and re-save them
but always willing to give it a try. I might however not have time to
change/fix the files if they show any faults in Magics. I can also load them
into Deep Exploration and save to VRML. We're a starting company so don't
yet have an ftp set up to place them on so I they should be small enough to
be send by email, or you should have an ftp from which I can get the models
and upload them again.

Thanks for the comments on our website (don't know if you are refering to
the site or the portfolio). We're a young team of 'creative thinkers' so we
like to keep things interesting for our clients.

Since you're asking about our and our company background:
The company is running for about a year now. We're a team of 3. Wim (29) and
his wife Lieve (23) and I (28), Kris. Wim and I used to work in the same
company before I left to England to study Product Design and Engineering at
Sussex University (where I got introduced to the 3D printer) and Automotive
Design at Coventry University. Before that I graduated in Interior
Architecture. Wim has done Graphics and Advertising and Lieve has a
background in Architecture.

We started out as a 3D printing bureau but recently we have had a large
variaty of projects, scanning statues in churches or museum artifacts (to be
3D printed), models for large building projects, designer toys, jewellery,
miniature trains, ... . We don't just print parts anymore, we also do the
full package from 3D drawings to print to assembly and finishing touches. To
be able to complete this package we recently bought a laser cutter. Sad
thing is that we do a lot of confidential work and can't show you those

We are based in Lede, close to Brussels (on the other side of Brussels than
the well known company 'Materialise').

We've got a few clips on YouTube if you're interested. They're older clips,
not worth an oscar but our intention is to change and broaden the minds of
our clients.

If you got any more questions, just ask.

Best regards,

minimaalŪ BVBA

Kris Vloemans
Poortendriesstraat 26
9340 Lede
Tel: +32 (0)53 41 37 42

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