RE: [rp-ml] shop tips on fixing ZCorp parts

From: Lino P. Stavole <>
Date: Fri Jun 27 2008 - 02:54:01 EEST

We cleaned up some parts for film work and we body shopped sanded lightly
from 150g to 220g then to 320g and finally to 400 grit.
That seemed fine enough.

We also use a mix of cyanoacrylate (super glue) and cornstarch baby powder
to fill minor imperfections.
Super glue and plaster seemed to clump too much for our needs.
Come to think of it..we really did not have that many imperfection unless
someone broke something.
There is definitely an obvious difference in appearance from printed object
and patches though.

If you plan on painting the final piece, do not sand it to 400g before you
prime and paint since you'll have paint adhesion issues.
You can take it to 220 then prime it, sand it smooth to the grit you want
then finish paint it.

Lino Stavole
The Creature Company

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I hoping for some "shop tips" on fixing zcorp parts.

I've got some suspended portions that connect via 2mm "rods" in some cases
which may not survive a trip and I'm wondering both how I should try and
re-attach them and the likelihood of doing so.

Do I get off the shelf super glue? Is there a way to create some plaster
material myself in the event that I need to "bondo" a couple spots? Can I
use something like 600 grit sandpaper and expect a decent finish?

Anybody willing to share some experience on this? Was there an FAQ

Many Thanks,


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