Re: [rp-ml] Please respond off list!

From: Markus Hitter <>
Date: Sat Jul 26 2008 - 20:18:58 EEST

Am 26.07.2008 um 15:18 schrieb Ron Hollis, President and CEO,

> Communities are the 21st century version of mail lists of the 90's.

A mailing list _is_ a community.

I must admit the current state of fashion for communities tends more
towards a forum-like appearace. This doesn't make them any more
efficient, though. It's pretty easy to monitor 20 mailing lists but
totally impossible to follow every new post in more than two or three
forums. Unless you have time to burn, of course.

Some of the forums provide RSS feeds, so we're almost back to the
mailing list experience already. Obviously a lot of programmers were
bored and had nothing better to do than to reinvent perfectly working
mailing list technology with something of much more technological

Such evidence doesn't make me leaving a mailing list community but
sometimes makes me think why information technology has such a strong
tendency to become ever more complex.


P.S.: Sorry for the off-topic rant.

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