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Hello Everyone:
The RPML has been around so long that maybe it's been forgotten that Hannu
provided a few simple written guidelines to follow. You can find these at:
_ (
Guidelines - mailing list etiquette
Advertising on the mailing list
Once upon a time, it was felt by some that advertising on this mailing list
was not appropriate.
It is NOT, unless the message is INFORMATIVE, ie. it contains information
relevant to an issue being discussed, or it helps fullfill the purpose of the
mailing list.
For instance, it is entirely acceptable for a RP vendor to announce a new
product. We are all interested in the products the RP vendors are placing on the
 market. I refrain from giving more examples, and I hope common sense and
tolerance prevail from those sending and receiving such messages.
Answers to questions
When responding to a posted question, if your answer is likely to be of
general interest (usually), then send the reply to the list (_rp-ml@rapid.lpt.fi_
( ), not just to the person asking the question.
This means NOT simply using the "reply" feature in your e-mail program, which
will only send the reply to the person who posted. Most mailers have a "reply
to all" or "group reply" function which will accomplish this.
As the questioner, if you do receive replies directly, then it is good
manners to post a summary of the responses you get, unless the sender(s)
explicitly tells you otherwise. In summary, if you use this mailing list to obtain
information, it is good manners to share it with others.
Chain letters
Circulating chain letters through the mailing list is absolutely forbidden.
Chain letters should not be sent in the Internet, and many Internet Service
Providers have accepted a policy of disabling accounts that are caught sending
chain letters. You have been warned.
Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co.
119 Webster Street
_EdGrenda@aol.com_ ( (email)

The Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping
_ (
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Dear All

Regarding which community, list (whatever) to choose, I think it's all "each
to his own". This rp-ml has been around a looong time and I still find it
useful. When others have stood the test of time, maybe I'll be more convinced,
but I know that something new isn't necessarily something better. There must
be something about rp-ml that keeps me here.

On the "respond off list" topic, I agree with those that think it is up to
the respondent, not the poster to decide whether to reply off list. If people
want to ask their questions on an open channel, then they should expect their
answers may be made public as well. If they want a private conversation then
they should ask privately.

However, you can't fault people for asking I suppose.


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