[rp-ml] The rp-ml is open for business

From: Seppo J Niemi <zaphod_at_ameba.lpt.fi>
Date: Fri Sep 05 2008 - 19:04:49 EEST


as most of you probably know by now, the rp-ml server suffered from a
serious hardware failure a couple of weeks ago. The hard drive of the
server broke down completely and all the data in it was lost
forever. Fortunately I had most of the files (including all the
archives) on a backup that was taken on August 17th.

Hannu was able to produce a replacement server on a very short notice
and I have spent the last couple of days installing and configuring
the operating system and all the required software. After having
solved some unforeseen problems, I have finally managed to re-build the
list service to almost what it used to be. Everything should work as

Of course, most of the emails that you have sent to the list between
Aug 17th and today are now lost. Some of them may pop up later as the
mail servers purge their mail queues.

I'll monitor the list for a while and try to fix any errors as soon as
possible. If you find anything not working properly, please contact me
at zaphod (at) lpt.fi and I'll see if I can fix it.

Now, I think I'll take a dram of Ardbeg and start the weekend...


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