RE: [rp-ml] supporting flat area above another flat area issue

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You have 3 choices. EOS M270 has probably the largest install base, MCP (now MTT) is sold by 3D in the US, and Concept Laser.

There are a number of facilities in the US that have EOS equipment in service. Morris Technologies and Linear Mold have multiple M270s in service and may be able to help. Check the other vendors web sites for people that may be near you.

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General question:
What type of rapid prototype machine uses metal powder and sintering
process? My partner has created a new steel formula that has very useful
properties and we would like to try to use it in a powdered metal

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Hello all,

I'm running into a support issue when supporting a flat area above another
flat area. Basically, the flats are parallel to each other and the platform.
Distance is irrelevant . The beginning support from the platform to the
first flat is fine. It's the bottom of the support structure (which should
attach from the top surface of the bottom flat) seems to lose itself as it
grows higher and eventually doesn't attach to the bottom surface of the
above flat. At times I lose most of the support but some grows in the
"stringy, fuzzy" mode. I've increased the overcure and also increased the
bottom contact. Sometimes this works but I still have issues. I hope I
didn't confuse anyone. Any suggestions will help.


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