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From: Ron Hollis, President and CEO, Quickparts <>
Date: Fri Oct 03 2008 - 01:09:37 EEST

Great point Andrew!

The purpose the RM community is to provide a common area to share information and collaborate on ideas.

While it seems that some may think it has no value or content, it is important that we are willing to change so that we can exist in a web 2.0 world. The day of social systems and online communities is real and valuable. An important part of the communities is that they are owned by the users, so the value of the community is directly proportional to the participation of the users.

Some interesting information......

The Rapid Manufacturing community is still very young (less 6 months old) but has progressed very well. Some key aspects of the community include:

- Over 275 members ALREADY of which over 50% are International (very exciting demonstration of globalization)

- Aggregation of many useful blogs and discussions in a single location

- Convenient list of the current patents

- Cool pics and videos on the technologies

- Discussions about processes and technologies

- Discussion on the equipment manufacturers and their performance

- Sharing of research and interest

- Promotion of jobs and equipment

- Discussions on the state of the industry

- Very interesting polling information

- And tons of other 1-on-1 discussions sharing ideas and project

So, it may seem to some that the site has poor content, usefulness and information, it does appear to be more useful than sporadic, disjointed emails re-discussing the same topics the way we did in the 20th century.

Go to<> to participate in the present!

My sharing......


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You are right. I did try to send this back in June. The RP-ML list was malfunctioning at that time
so it went through now. Hence, why it went through twice.

Yes I am promoting it also for the simple fact that as the world moves to communities, why should
we as product innovators be left behind in an email world. I hope it turns into a central gathering place for
the RP industry.

That way if we can all collaborate and meet in one place. Then maybe we can lead innovation.


Andrew Costa Jr
Costa Engineering<>
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In a message dated 10/2/2008 9:43:24 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,<> writes:
Has anyone seen the new Rapid Manufacturing community?<>

I found it a while back but I had not seen anyone mention here. It looks like
it has a lot of relevant stuff for our community.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

Andrew Costa Jr
Costa Engineering<>

Dear Andrew:

My thought is that I suspect you're being too straightforward with us.

I received the same email from you on 6/26 - as did dozens of other people, whose addresses I've removed from the message below.

It's one thing to promote - and another thing to manipulate.

Best regards,

Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co.<> (email)

The Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping


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Subject: RP-ML Rapid Prototyping Community
Date: 6/26/2008 2:47:59 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
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Sent on:

Has anyone seen the new Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Community?<>

It looks like it is gaining members. Do you think it will work?

Andrew Costa
Costa Engineering
Natick, MA<>


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