RE: [rp-ml] SYCODE Releases Four New Free RP Plug-ins

From: Deelip Menezes <>
Date: Sun Oct 05 2008 - 19:10:04 EEST

Adrian: "I would never advise anyone to use any encryption scheme for which
the sources weren't public."

Point taken. But like I said earlier, our encryption and data compression
algorithms are entwined and cannot be separated. I fully understand and
appreciate the power of open source. Just that in this particular case, it
is quite simply not possible.

So I guess it boils down to whether you are concerned or even aware of the
encryption technologies used when you transfer STL data across to someone
else. Apparently, the 6000 odd users who have been using OpenRP for the past
four years do not seem to have it high on their priority list.

Please don't get me wrong. You definitely have a valid point and I agree
with you on this. Just that most people want to simply transfer a STL file
from Point A to Point B, that's all. I often get STL files as large as 120
MB (usually of high resolution dental scans) from customers and they clog my
inbox. Some don't reach me at all. With OpenRP offering 97% reduction (in
case of ASCII STL files) the RP file equivalent is just 3.6 MB and makes my
customer's and my life easy.

Deelip Menezes
Received on Sun Oct 05 19:18:27 2008

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