[rp-ml] RP "Print Preview" / CNC Type Path

From: Jonathan Chertok (Universal Joint) <chertok_at_universaljointdesign.com>
Date: Fri Oct 31 2008 - 23:16:50 EET

Hi All.

Thanks for the help and leads.

I think the lowdown is that I saw a view from the processing software in
a SolidScape machine and it got me thinking about a couple of things.

1. Is there software that would allow me to see the equivalent of a CNC
G-Code toolpath (which seems to me to be a very precise view of the look
of the final part).


2. Are SLS, SLA and other parts effectively the result of curves being
chopped up into tiny straight lines or are there any "true" curves in
final RP parts? SLS strikes me as effectively the equivalent of a kind
of 3D bitmap in the sense that the final part is composed of particles
as opposed to anything linear.

I'm hoping to dive into Marcam to see if this is the correct software to
begin to start seeing models more in this manner...slightly esoteric but
I thought the image was an interesting one.

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