[rp-ml] .stl of clock assembly/components

From: Candi Majewski <candimajewski_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Tue Nov 11 2008 - 12:10:52 EET

Dear all,
One of our technicians, who has been invaluable to us over the years, is sadly approaching retirement. To mark the occasion, we would like to present him with a nice RM gift.
Some time ago I remember seeing an RP'd clock, which would make a lovely present for him; does anyone recall seeing something like this, and would you happen to know where I could get hold of the .stl of the components or assembly?
Any help would be gratefully received,
Dr Candice Majewski,
Rapid Manufacturing Research Group,
Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering,
Loughborough University
Ashby Road,
Leicestershire. LE11 3TU
Tel: +44 (0) 1509 227564
Fax: +44 (0) 1509 227549
Email: c.e.majewski@lboro.ac.uk
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