[rp-ml] European Distributor for Removable Blade

From: Andrew Graves <agraves_at_totalcsteam.com>
Date: Sat Nov 15 2008 - 00:03:52 EET

Just wanted to let European SL users know that TCST's Removable Recoater
Blade for large frame SL systems is now available through our distributor,
AT 3D-SQUARED. They will also distribute our "PCM" software for remote
monitoring of SL systems. See Press Release for details.
Friday, Nov. 14th, 2008 Stevenson Ranch, California

Total C S Team, Inc. (TCST) Announces AT 3D-SQUARED as a distributor for the
TCST Removable Recoater Blade System and PCM Software

TCST is happy to announce that its hardware and software solutions for users
of 3D Systems SL equipment will now be distributed in parts of Europe by UK
& Zurich based company AT 3D-SQUARED.

AT 3D-SQUARED will be responsible for selling the popular TCST Removable
Recoater Blade System and the innovative Process Control Module (PCM)
monitoring software in the UK and in German speaking countries of Europe.
"AT 3D-SQUARED is particularly happy to be working with TCST as the
company's European distributor. The synergy between the two companies
ensures that the European RP marketplace will benefit immensely from the
unique and innovative products from the TCST range" said Andrew Allshorn,
Co-Founder and Technical Director of AT 3D-SQUARED.

"The TCST Recoater Blade is a significant addition to AT 3D-SQUARED's
arsenal of products and services, and reinforces the company's position as a
strategic consulting and support service for users of SL technology”
continued Allshorn. As well as the patented upgrade for large-frame SL
systems, AT 3D-SQUARED will also be distributing TCST's PCM software which
allows SL operators to remotely monitor their systems from a desktop
computer or from the internet.

"TCST is extremely pleased to partner with AT 3D-SQUARED and see this as the
first in a series of potential opportunities to provide customers both in
the USA and Europe with products and services to enhance their RP & RM
businesses" said TCST's CTO Andrew Graves.

About Total C S Team, Inc.
TCST is a leader in providing support to Rapid Prototyping Users. TCST has
the unique capability to integrate many years of practical application of RP
systems with advanced analytical approaches to provide support to the users
that will give them a competitive advantage now and in the future. Through
the use of 6 Sigma methodologies, TCST has been able to develop process
controls to proactively monitor processes providing its customers with cost
savings derived by improved efficiency and part quality. This same
methodology is utilized by TCST to work with our partners to develop the
best solutions for RP system upgrades and reliability improvements.

AT 3D-SQUARED was established in 2007, to provide a strategic consulting and
support service for European companies and organisations involved with rapid
prototyping (RP) and rapid manufacturing (RM) technologies. With an
extensive knowledge base, AT 3D-SQUARED is able to bring together all of the
components that are vital to maximising the capabilities of the
technologies — software, hardware, materials and the human interface.
Working closely with clients, AT 3D-SQUARED is able to call upon a
well-established worldwide network of contacts across the industry that can
provide the right tools for specific applications that can help your
business grow. http://www.at3d-squared.com/

Andrew Graves
Total C S Team, Inc.
Tel: 661-803-4800
Fax: 661-554-7181
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