[rp-ml] NASA Makes Its Space Borne Rapid Prototyping System Available for Commercialization on Earth

From: Ken Kalinoski <kkalinoski_at_fuentek.com>
Date: Tue Nov 18 2008 - 16:21:31 EET

Please see http://www.fuentek.com/technologies/EBF3.htm for more details.
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The NASA EBF3 rapid prototyping tool seeks to bring new advances to three
dimensional models for new designs such as:

Custom parts and small-batch production:

* Medical devices

* Motorcycle parts (exhaust systems, motors, radiators, sprockets)

* Sports equipment (designer golf clubs, rackets, baseball bats)

* Tool and die

Chrome plating:

* Automobile parts (fenders, exhaust systems, headers, designer

* Motorcycle parts (fenders, gas tanks, rim-and-spoke kits, kick

* Bicycle parts

* Household appliances

Replacement parts in remote or hostile locations:

* Military forward-operating locations

* Sea-faring ships

* Offshore oil rigs

Polar research stations


A brochure and other additional material on the new rapid manufacturing tool
is available at: http://www.fuentek.com/technologies/EBF3.htm. NASA is
seeking licensees for its innovative system for performing electron-beam
freeform fabrication (EBF3) that offers significant advantages over
traditional e-beam and laser-based systems. NASA's EBF3 system uses a
wire-feed design to deliver quality parts that are better than cast and
similar to wrought materials while optimizing material consumption. Multiple
wires can be used to introduce multiple materials during part manufacturing,
creating new alloys or layered parts. Most importantly, the system costs
significantly less than others to build, enabling companies previously
hesitant to enter the market to compete and win in the expanding rapid
prototyping and manufacturing market.


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