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From: Jonathan Chertok (Universal Joint) <chertok_at_universaljointdesign.com>
Date: Tue Dec 02 2008 - 16:10:26 EET

Hi All.

For some time now I've wanted the free form architecture equivalent of
the rpml. This list would focus upon issues specific to fabrication and
modeling large scale objects.

Does anyone have an opinion as to whether a LinkedIn Group would be a
good way to accomplish this or if something modeled on the RPML would be
better in some ways? In some ways ease of management is a real need but
at the same time some independence is really nice.

I've found both the functionality and the community on the RPML to be
amazing over these many years and I can't help but wonder what a venue
like this could do for my field.

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Hannu Rocks,

development + design + construction
[ blog ] on digital tools, rapid prototyping technologies and the fabrication of free-form structure.

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