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From: Steve Hund <>
Date: Wed Dec 03 2008 - 16:07:32 EET

Thin "Superglue" works for a quick fix if it does not have any release agent on it. We have gotten as many a 20 more casting out of the mold using this method. Great care has to be taken and the area has to be released well each time before casting. This works for both tin and platinum silicones.

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  I've had some success patching silicone molds and castings using either shin-etsu brand caulking or any other 100% silicone. Clear in my opinion is best. You can use a small bit of Naptha and a fine paint brush to wipe the excess away. Do not use too much as it will temporarily swell your mold. You can use 99% alcohol in lieu of the naptha but I feel like this leaves a small film of the silicon on your piece.



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  Has anyone on the list had any good luck with patching an existing RTV mold? If so, how did you accomplish this repair?





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