RE: [rp-ml] ProJet 3000 input?

From: Lino P. Stavole <>
Date: Thu Apr 05 2012 - 01:36:37 EEST

Well, if anyone has the skills John does. It was my understanding that
perfactory was working on algorithms to "blur" the buildlines or bridge them
so to speak. I remember reading somewhere that the buildlines were still
there but less obvious. I do not know if the changes were just tests,
implemented or what.

I was able to play around with a projet and remember that parts were nice
but there was still noticeable buildlines based on orientation.


Just my 2cents


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Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2012 1:10 PM
Subject: RE: [rp-ml] ProJet 3000 input?


I'd offer your customers what they want, the resolution/surface finish of
the Perfactory Multi Mini with ERM surpasses all other technologies. A
possible downside is you will need a higher level of skill to do it



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Subject: [rp-ml] ProJet 3000 input?




We're looking at adding another high resolution machine here at Moddler.
We've been looking at both ProJet and Perfactory printers to better service
our customers who create small models with copious amounts of detail and
want output free of build lines. Most of our customers prefer Perfactory
output due to the high resolution and superior surface quality.


But I wonder if our customers prefer Perfactoy output because there are more
Perfactory bureaus than ProJet bureaus. It's a chicken/egg question: do
service bureaus not use ProJets because there is no demand or is there no
demand because service bureaus don't offer ProJet parts? Are companies
gunshy about buying the successor to the Invision printers? Or are there
other reasons?


I would be very grateful for any input you have. And I'm happy to receive
your comments directly.



John Vegher

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