RE: [rp-ml] Fwd: This Intricate Replica of Fenway Park Is an Awesome Example of 3D Printing

From: Jeremy Pullin <>
Date: Mon May 14 2012 - 09:39:38 EEST

I must say Adrian that I do like the idea of the gargoyle printer. Now if I just have to work out how I can get a 3D scan of my ex wife's mother for the STL file.

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Perhaps I'm being dim, but I don't quite see what all the fuss is about.

In particular, what's so impressive about this football stadium, or
any other sports stadium? They are not so hard to print, and they
tend not to have great architectural merit. One might as well print
an airport terminal.

A large Gothic cathedral, on the other hand, from the late Middle Ages
when the buttresses were really flying, would make an impressive print.

(Of course, the open-source community has already been there and moved on:


I once had an idea for a gargoyle printer, incidentally: a device
that's about an 0.5m cube that you clamp to the face of a building,
whereupon it proceeds to print a gargoyle (or anything else) in a
resin/stone-dust mix. When it's finished, you move it along a bit and
print the next one. They would, of course, all be caricatures of
different bishops...

Best wishes


Dr Adrian Bowyer

On 11/05/12 16:20, jonathan wrote:
> Yes, now if they will do one for Yankee Stadium we can really kick up
> some dust...
> Goodwill.
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> On May 11, 2012, at 09:40 AM, McCauley, Patrick wrote:
>> I generally agree with Jeremy, not really so awesome.
>> That said, the point is that the piece was not supposed to be
>> beautifully made, commissioned model of Fenway.
>> It was merely a promotional piece by Objet.
>> They used an iconic place to highlight Objet (noted by the huge logo
>> on the model) in particular and “whatever that new process” is
>> called in general.
>> At least that is what it seemed like to me.
>> Pretty impressive to the pedestrian on Landsdowne, not so much for
>> us insiders.
>> I thoroughly enjoyed the trans-Atlantic banter.
>> Best,
>> Patrick
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>> an Awesome Example of 3D Printing
>> I love my iced tea nice and cold old chap but if the menu said that
>> it was a lovely piping hot cup of tea and it was served ice cold the
>> I wouldn’t just sit there at the table and say this is a new
>> revolution in the world of hot tea serving and will change tea
>> forever and then launch a consultancy describing to everybody how
>> tea drinking will never be the same again and that hot tea will now
>> be made obsolete due to the development of environmentally friendly
>> ice. I’d just say “excuse me my tea is cold but I ordered and wanted
>> hot”.
>> In all seriousness I am a huge fan of 3D printing or additive
>> manufacturing or whatever we are calling it today but like anything
>> else it, is at its most powerful and most impressive when used in
>> the right way for the right application and as an application this
>> really would have been so much better done another way.
>> Jez.
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>> an Awesome Example of 3D Printing
>> To be strictly correct, we should have put the title in quotes,
>> since the article it was taken from stated it that way.
>> To get a calibration on your opinions, we are thinking that you are
>> the kind of person who complains about his iced tea being too cold!!
>> Chathamres
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>> an Awesome Example of 3D Printing
>> Depends what you mean by Awesome! If you mean in terms of geometry
>> complexity then it’s ok but I guess that everybody on this list has
>> seen better but if you mean in terms of the use of 3D printing (or
>> rather additive manufacturing) then it’s absolutely bloody awful and
>> is a powerful example of the weaknesses of the technology and its use.
>> Just by rough calculations you are looking at a material spend of
>> around £36,000 ($58,000 or €45,000) and material spend is obviously
>> far less than the cost of modelling it all up in CAD (and to be fair
>> it looks as though somebody has done a fantastic job of doing that).
>> You then have to add on the time and costs of doing the builds, post
>> processing the parts and putting it all together and after all that
>> you end up with something plain white lacking texture and plastic.
>> Now I dare say that it is a good re-creation of the place and that
>> the model is a nice size and holds a special place in the hearts of
>> all the people who have gone to watch rounders being played there
>> over the years but the reason that it is a terrible example of 3D
>> printing (AM) is because it shouldn’t have been made this way. In
>> some applications 3D printing is a stunning technology but it’s all
>> a matter of relative merits and in this case it has to be compared
>> to model making. The model could have been produced by a model maker
>> much much faster because he or she would not have had to spend
>> months converting blueprints into 3D CAD. The model maker would have
>> produced something textured and coloured and just plain better for a
>> fraction of the cost. When you regard 3D printing from this
>> perspective and in this context using this example it just shows up
>> its flaws and makes it look slower, more expensive with an inferior
>> output.
>> So all in all no it is not an awesome example of 3D printing just an
>> exceptionally bad one.
>> Jeremy Pullin.
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>> Awesome Example of 3D Printing
>> Awesome Example of 3D Printing
>> Chathamres
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