[rp-ml] Imagine my surprise... [Upgrade Pricing 8-2012]

From: Jim Horton <Jim.Horton_at_cpcc.edu>
Date: Mon Aug 20 2012 - 19:48:21 EEST

Hi to all-

During the RAPID conference in ATL this May, I was impressed with the availability to field upgrade our Objet Alaris30 printer to the newer Objet30 functionality (7 material options, etc). At the conference I was told this field upgrade would cost $3000 by numerous Objet personnel in the booth. I tempered my enthusium with realizations that stocking up on 7 new resins would put the upgrade in a different category. "Imagine my surprise..." when the quote came in this week and the cost for the field upgrade is: $11,897.50 with tax and shipping (not including any materials, of course). I'm (very) curious if anyone else has had a similar experience.

Regards and Happy "AMing", Jim D. Horton
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