[rp-ml] 3rd Industrial Revolution Sculpture Project on Kickstarter

From: Joshua Harker <info_at_joshharker.com>
Date: Mon Nov 19 2012 - 17:20:25 EET

I'd like to announce Anatomica di
my new project in honor of the developing 3rd Industrial Revolution (my
previous is the #1 most funded Sculpture project in Kickstarter
). The art behind it is entirely 3D printed. I was fortunate enough to
receive participation from some of the biggest & best players in the
industry (see end of the video to view their "Join The Revolution!"
contributions). The project message is likely not breaking news to this
crowd, but it's my attempt to use my art to bring attention from outside
our bubble to the forces at work. I'm seeking press & exposure for it so
I'm asking for any ideas regarding where may be best to approach. Also,
hoping that anyone who may be connected with those channels to please share
the project or maybe offer an introduction. Hope you like the piece behind
the project as well as my presentation of what many of us have been working
at for years. Thanks for considering.

Very Best,
Joshua Harker

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