[rp-ml] Fabber stocks

From: Marshall Burns <ListMail2_at_fabbers.com>
Date: Mon Dec 24 2012 - 22:37:22 EET

If anybody's interested in what's been happening with the value of this
industry since the early days, check this out.


Go to www.nasdaq.com/symbol/ddd/interactive-chart .

In the buttons at the bottom of the chart, click "Max".

In the buttons at the top of the chart, click "Compare".

In the box the pops up, enter "Ssys" and check Dow Jones and NASDAQ, then
click "Compare".


As of Nov. 30, the two indices are up 298 and 334% respectively in the
almost 20 years since Dec. 31, 1992. 3D Systems and Stratasys are up 2,669
and 4,443% respectively (Stratasys data since Sep 30, 1994).


It's strange because it still feels, from looking around, like this industry
is practically unknown to the world at large. But somebody is apparently
getting the picture.



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