Why so few people are responding to the list

From: Marshall Burns <ListMail2_at_fabbers.com>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 13:37:39 -0700

I think I may have just discovered why so many of the responses to questions
are sent privately and not to the list.


Yesterday, I got the post by Steve Arnell about Ed Grenda. (Sad to hear he's
passed away if it's true.) It looked like it was sent only to me, so I wrote
to Steve suggesting he send it to the list. He wrote back saying that he had
sent it to the list and had received replies from others, so he knows it
went to the list.


This seemed odd, so I investigated what happened with my post last week. I
had received one reply via the list, so I looked at that. It is reproduced
below. In it, you see that Makai Smith received an e-mail from me via the
RP-ML list owner and addressed only to him, not to the list. This is the
same thing that happened to me with the e-mail from Steve yesterday, but in
the list of e-mails, the sender shows only as Steve Arnell without the
details about it having come via the list owner. That's why I thought he
sent it only to me. Furthermore, clicking on "Reply to All" does the same
thing as just "Reply," the reply e-mail is addressed only to the original
sender, not the list owner, and certainly not to the list itself because
there's nothing to show that the e-mail was originally actually sent to the


So why did Makai's response go to the whole list? My guess is that Makai
noticed that the list was not included in the recipients and added it in
manually. My guess is that other people who intended to reply to the list
either didn't notice that they weren't or if they did notice, didn't bother
to add in the list address, so the reply came to me alone.


In addition to the reply shown below, I also got another copy of the reply
that came from Makai via the list owner and addressed only to me. The only
reason I know Makai responded to the list is because he also included me as
a recipient in addition to the list. Had he not done that, I would have
received only the reply via the list owner to me and I would have thought it
was a private reply. But I checked all the replies I got to my posts about
the collection last may and about scan data last week, and it appears that
Makai is the only person who bothered to add in the list address as a
recipient. Thank you Makai for doing that, because had you not, I wouldn't
have been able to understand what's going on.


To Seppo: I know you've been having technical problems with the list
software, and I don't know if you're aware of this problem and if it's
related to the others. In either case, I hope you can fix it because it may
be that the list would be more alive if messages from the list were
configured so that replies go easily to the whole list, not just to the


To other list participants, until this problem gets fixed, if you reply to a
post and you want your reply to go to the list, please remember to add the
list address (rp-ml_at_rp-ml.org) as a recipient.










From: Makai Smith [mailto:Makai.Smith_at_bentley.com]
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2016 06:08
To: rp-ml_at_rp-ml.org
Cc: Marshall Burns
Subject: RE: [rp-ml] Scan data for 3D printing


MeshLab will do it. Imports PLY, exports STL.


..ahh the ole Cyberware head scanner. I had the pleasure of scanning the
multitudes as a volunteer at SIGGRAPH 2000. The scans reminded me of
daguerreotype portraits, the facial expression being of someone told, "Hold
still and don't look at the camera!"






From: rp-ml-owner_at_rp-ml.org [mailto:rp-ml-owner_at_rp-ml.org] On Behalf Of
Marshall Burns
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 8:59 PM
To: Makai Smith <Makai.Smith_at_bentley.com>
Subject: [rp-ml] Scan data for 3D printing


(Thanks Seppo, for getting the list breathing again after this message
bounced this morning!)


Hi folks, can anyone help with this question from a scanning expert?


"I know the scanners inside and out, but I don't know much about using the
data. Recently I got an inquiry about 3D printing a Cyberware head scan. The
guy wants to know the easiest way to take an old Cyberware "ply" file and
send it to a printer. The people I know use expensive commercial software
like PolyWorks, Maya, Geomajic, and Zbrush. Do you know of a free or very
cheap package that could import a ply file, allow for some editing, and
export a print file?"


Thanks for your help.




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