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Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2016 22:30:02 +0100

Hi Bathsheba

The only commercial product I am aware of that comes close to matching your wish list is the Fuel3D kit:

That said, price is slightly over (1495) and res is slight lower (.35 - claimed).

Might be worth a look, and I would stake my hat on the fact that they would be keen to talk to you regardless for a a given project if you give them some publicity later on - quid pro quo so to speak!

I have no interest / stake in this co - but heard good things. And experience has taught me companies in this space do like working with high profile designers.

Best, Rachel

Rachel Park
RP Editorial Services
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> On 3 Oct 2016, at 21:32, Bathsheba <> wrote:
> Hello rpml-brain. I wish I had a scanner for small (<10cm) things at high (.1mm) accuracy, but I don't have much (<$1000) budget. Convex only is OK, I can do without undercuts, but accuracy is important: .5mm won't do.
> The closest I've seen is stuff like this:
> But there's many a slip twixt the kick and the start, and while several of these have been launched, I don't see one in my budget that's actually shipping. And most of them work on regular light, not a laser, which makes me think they'll give blog-quality rather than CAD-quality scans.
> Anyone know of something that exists?
> PS yeah it would be really nice if messages on this list had the list address somewhere. Right now it doesn't appear anywhere that Thunderbird can display, and I had to look up an old message to write this.
> Thanks,
> -Bathsheba
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